Friday, June 14, 2013

Last minute running around.

This weekend is my husbands first Father's Day, so I want to make it special, like he did for my Mother's Day. So today I have a bunch of last minute shopping to do, to finish his gift that I'm making. ( I will post pictures after I give him his surprise on Sunday. :) ) I also had a friend crochet my daughter, husband and I Monster beanies, and Horde beanies. ( those of you who know WoW, will understand, lol ) Like I've said a couple of times, I am a geek at heart. <3. I also ordered Little Caesar's pizza and breadstick kits, I'm excited to try those out tomorrow afternoon for lunch.
Those of you who read my previous entry, know that our daughter is teething. She has been started on baby food as well.  We are now on fruits, but because she is so independent and gets mad when she can't do things on her own, and she has also jumped right to doing the chewing motion, and holding things on her own, my husband and I discussed LED weaning. We have decided that, that's the route we are going to take with our daughter. What is LED weaning?   Baby-led weaning allows babies to control their solid food consumption by "self-feeding" from the very beginning of their experiences with food. The term weaning should not be taken to imply giving up formula or breastmilk, but simply the introduction of foods other than formula or breastmilk.
( Basically instead of mushy baby food, we will be giving her normal food. ( cooked so it's soft enough to be edible and not a choking hazard  obviously.) Zoey seems to thrive when she does things on her own. She gets annoyed with us when we do stuff for her, almost like we're doing it too slow for her liking or something. There are a couple of LED weaning books/cookbooks that I'm going to purchase for meal ideas. We're excited. Hopefully our little one  is too. :)
She is fully rolling over now, and sleeping in her crib, which is awesome, and the past week she has been pushing herself up. Over this weekend she has pretty much sat up on her own as well and has been making "GG," and "da" sounds. I swear our kid is going to start talking soon * fingers crossed*. Wouldn't it be perfect if she said "dadda" for Father's Day?
Being as our little munchkin wakes up more throughout the night now, I have been feeling like a zombie. I have little to NO energy, and can't concentrate on anything. I stumbled across a blog last week and the woman described something that I completely related to. She calls it:
MUDD- Motherhood Unintentional Distraction Disorder. Feeling 'scatter brained', 'zoning out', etc. I can  relate 100%. I completely zone out on things that don't really interest me, or if I'm just too tired to listen I'm guilty of tuning stuff out,  I can't super multi-task like I used to be able to. I feel like I'm losing my mind or going crazy.  I can't wait until the day that she will sit in her crib and play with her toys. It will be super nice to be able to do some laundry or take out the garbage. Lately because I've been so exhausted, I just leave everything until the weekend, and my husband being the amazing man that he is, will take care of it. I feel like I'm losing my mind, but if it wasn't for him I would have lost it a long time ago.I'm not trying to complain, it's just how I've felt lately.... it will pass. On the rare occasion I get a burst of energy, which I love.
I think today I may touch up my hair, I did last month, but my roots are showing terribly and it may be the little pick me up that I need.
For all you moms out there that can do everything and still have energy to spare, I salute you! Share some tips please lol, they would be greatly appreciated.What do you do for a pick me up/ mommy time?
What are your plans for Father's Day this weekend?

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