Sunday, December 4, 2016

Toddlers First Movie Experience.

A couple of weeks ago, we took our toddler to see her very first movie in theaters. Trolls was the pick! We figured it would work out perfectly, lots of colours and songs.... so why not?

We stocked up on snacks and headed out for the 11am viewing. It went great. Our daughter who is turning 4 in January sat through pretty much the entire movie. Granted for some of the songs, she got up and danced. Good thing we sat at the very back of the theater. Our daughter enjoyed it and so did we. I could have done without the 3D viewing, but it was the earliest option.

I just finished doing a review of the movie over at  Geeks and Geeklets site, where I also write. It should be up sometime this week, and when it is I will link it in this post.

Overall the movie outing was fun. We will definitely do it again. For any parents who haven't seen Trolls, it was worth watching. So keep your eyes open when it's released on DVD. It's full of colours, and lots of Trolls, which are funny and cute. One has a glittery butt, and another poops cupcakes... what more could you want?!

Have a great week everyone!

{Azeroth Mommy}

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