Friday, May 10, 2013

Dr.'s Appointment and Baby/Beauty Boxes

On Tuesday morning I got our little one into the Dr.'s for an appointment. This is our first child, so we ( mainly being me ) over react about some things. She had her cough for over a week, so I wanted it checked out. We went in and by the end of the appointment I felt a bit better. Our little munchkin is 4 months old and weighs 15.3 lbs. She is in the 90th percentile. Found out she just has nasal congestion, which is causing her to cough. So I was told to get Pediatric Saline nose spray, a vaporizer or humidifier, and to keep cleaning her nose out. So far it's working, her cough is pretty much gone, which is a big relief to me.
Side note: after the appointment, she of course started pooping ( she makes the funniest faces ) so I put her on the back seat and started changing her.... I thought she was done.. boy was I wrong!  I started to clean her up and I heard a loud fart and she projectile pooped on me and the seatbelt, I was laughing so hard I was practically crying. After I got her all cleaned up, I felt something warm on my arm, I lifted up my t-shirt sleeve and it was underneath it, it was all over the place. I cleaned it up while laughing hysterically. All this time she was looking at me like " Momma, what's wrong with you?"
I was having a bad week, I had a couple of down days, so my husband signed me up for Bluum baby box, and Glossybox. So I'm anxiously awaiting to receive the boxes and put up reviews on them! Oh I also signed up for Beauty Box 5. As soon as I get them I will update for everyone.
This weekend is my FIRST Mother's Day! I'm excited, my husband has a couple of things planned, I'm still trying to guess. ( Is it weird that I already have his Father's Day gifts picked out? )
Oh, and today marks 1 Year finding out that we were expecting . Still have the picture of the pregnancy test. :) One of the best days ever, finding out that we were going to be parents.
I hope that all mommy's out there have an amazing Mother's Day this weekend!

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  1. Let us know how you like the boxes! I've done so many that I'm hesitant to even sign up anymore because most of the time only a few of them are any good. I'm curious about these two though!