Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quick update

Last weekend, my husbands brother spent the weekend with us. It was nice, especially on Saturday being as  I had a Mom to Mom sale to vendor my Scentsy table at while they watched her for the day lol. It was much needed time out. The sale was slow, not many people showed up but I did have lots of people take my business card and a couple of orders which is always fantastic, and it really makes my day! :)
I ended up bringing pizza home for dinner because I didn't feel like cooking and wasn't sure what everyone wanted.
On Sunday we went into town and looked around for a bit. We ended up getting our little on a light up/ music playing keyboard, since lately she's been getting bored of her stuffed animals and crinkly books. It was $25 but well worth it. It plays a ton of songs and she adores the lights. She's 5 months old on June 3rd... *sniff*she really is growing up so darn fast.
We then went out for a late lunch/early dinner at a place called Crabby Joes. It's a bar and grill but also a family restaurant :/. We ended up getting the Cheese sticks for an appetizer and this:
 It was a BBQ Pulled Pork Flatbread type appetizer. My husband and his brother loved it.... I'm not much of a pork person... it was good, just not for me. ( That's half of it,... they had already eaten the other half lol )

I ended up getting the Hickory smoked burger, it was delicious. My husband got the Lotsa Mozza burger ( it had 3 cheese sticks on it! ) and his brother got the Grilled Cheese burger.... yeah you read that right. A hamburger and bacon smacked between two grilled cheese sandwiches. It was part of their Over the Top burgers menu.
Their prices were extremely good, and the quality of food was amazing. I haven't had a burger that good in a while. ( It was our first time to Crabby Joe's )
We ended the day by coming home and watching Lord of the Rings... yup I'm geek at heart and so is my husband.
It was Memorial Day in the states so they had a 3 day weekend, which I can never complain about.

This weekend I'll be posting my Bluum baby box review and unboxing as well as my Glossybox unboxing, which I'm excited for! I'm still waiting on Beauty Box 5 :(, already not too impressed on the wait time for that box.
Plus it's my 25th birthday on Sunday and my husband has something planned, so I will post when I get a chance.
I hope you all are having a great week, tomorrow is Friday!

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