Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 2014 Loot Crate- DRAGON

Here is April's Loot Crate unboxing!

 For those of you who don't know what Loot Crate is. It's a monthly subscription box, full of geek and gamer products. You receive 6-8 awesome products in each box, and they're guaranteed to have a value of $30 or more ( for the box ). They ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK. You can choose, 1 month plan, 3 months or 6 months. ( My husband and I have a monthly subscription ). 
Cost of box $13.37 + $6 shipping

This months crate theme was DRAGON. It says " From Westeros to Skyrim- epic items from far and wide"

Let me just say I was SUPER excited when I heard about this month's theme. Upon opening I couldn't wait to see what was in my Loot Crate.

First article in the mini mag. The History and Folklore Behind the Mythical Beast.
It gives a bit of history behind dragons and tells about an anthropologist and author of the book An Instinct for Dragons by  David E. Jones.
In this month's crate was:

 Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure.
This figure was made just for Looters! I thought this was pretty awesome, that it's specifically for Loot Crate subscribers.

Game of Thrones Mystery Mini
I got the White Walker. They were random for everyone and I think there were 16 different ones. :/

 Dragon Jerky
Harcos Labs and Loot Crate Labs
This jerky was a cool idea, it was green in colour ( I'm guessing to look like dragon hide ) claims to be High in protein - low in danger"
My husband tried it because he's the jerky fan, and he hated it. He said it tasted chalky and bland and ended up throwing most of it out. :( Cool idea, but it wasn't for us.

Dragon Shield Screen Cover
I'm guessing this is a phone screen cleaner. I haven't used it yet, but that's what I'm getting from the description.

20 Sided Stress Dice & a 20 sided Polyhedral Dice
 The stress dice will come in handy for World of Warcraft nights lol.
My husband can have the polyhedral dice for Magic: The Gathering.

 Dragon Slayer Tag and exclusive Dragon pin
I was excited at first glance about this dragon tag, but upon further review of it, to me it feels cheap. Kind of like a prize you'd get out of those 25 cent machines.

To order Loot Crate click HERE.


The following is my opinion only: I was super excited about this month's Loot Crate theme when I first heard about it. Once I received it however I was actually kind of disappointed. I was expecting more DRAGONS. There was an article in the mini mag, that could have been replaced by info on the author of the book mentioned on the first couple of pages.
To me, it should have been a Game of Thrones and Elder Scrolls Online theme. With all of the dragon lore and influence in the geek and gamer culture, I felt like they should have been able to include more things specifically about dragons. ( Like Smaug, or popular dragons, Dragon Heart, Dragon Magic Card, etc.)
I'm disappointed with this month's crate, however I'm looking forward and hopeful for the next Crate.

I realize that not all items will be favs for everyone.... just my thoughts.
I still love Loot Crate :) 

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