Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A couple of changes, and update.

I have been MIA on here for about two months. Things at  work got crazy for a bit, with doing midnights and overtime; but have evened out. A big change, is I got my full-time that I applied for at work, so I've been trying to juggle family, with full-time, plus all the side errands and of course raiding with my guild Emphatica in World of Warcraft.

Now that I feel like I've gotten a handle on the work, and juggling act, and making time for .. almost everything, I can finally free up time to blog again, and get back to weekly posts.

So this is just to update, our little one is speaking more and more every day. She amazes me all the time. She finished her first block of speech therapy a couple of weeks ago, and now doesn't go back until early fall. She still has her play groups every Wednesday and Fridays with her little trips to Tim Hortons afterwards... since the weather has been more like summer lately, she gets outside, a lot. She loves going on walks with her dad, and she even makes it around the block....well half being in her wagon, walking, or being carried on dads back. You know, toddler style, the only way to go.

In World of Warcraft, my guild Emphatica-US on Dawnbringer, has been slowly but surely progressing in Black Rock Foundry. Gruul, is pretty much on farm, Hanz and Franz is a little messy near the end, but they will soon be on farm as well, and we've got Beastlord to 9%. Our biggest thing holding us back is not having more DPS. I'm hoping that with new content, people will be more interested in joining guilds to progress....instead of using LF group finder.... that's another topic for another day though.

Which reminds me, my guild IS recruiting, follow me on Twitter and send me a DM, if interested, I usually have all my info on there multiple times throughout the week.

Sorry for such a short update, everyone, oh and before I forget my husband is turning thirty in two days. The big 3-0! I'm gonna bug him the rest of the year lol.

I will be posting an entry tomorrow morning which will include my World of Warcraft Mount giveaway.

I want to enjoy 6.2 tonight, so that is why the entries won't start until tomorrow. Here's a heads up, to enter, it will involve Twitter, and a question/ discussion about 6.2.... be prepared!

Have a great night everyone, and I'll see you in Azeroth, until tomorrow!

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