Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Life Update.

I have completely been MIA in a couple of things the last almost two months. Here on my blog and in game ( World of Warcraft ). It's been busy. I'm working all the time, and on my stretched out four days off I always have things I need to get done. The usual as everyone else. Groceries, errands, laundry, my husbands visa, the list goes on. Some days it seems to be never ending and something new always pops up. I still haven't mastered this multi tasking game of balancing everything with work, but I'm trying to get there.

Lately I've felt like when I'm not at work all my time needs to be spent with my daughter. I miss her so much when I'm at work even though I'm only 15-20 minutes away. She's growing up so fast and I can't slow time down or freeze it. She is now doing one of the most adorable things I think I have seen, I caved in and bought her Frozen a couple of weeks ago, and she knows the words and movements to most of the songs. It's crazy that she learned them so fast.... the things little minds accomplish.

We've also been working towards my husbands visa, it's gonna be a while.... feels like forever, but it's worth it. Lots of paperwork and money, and time.

In the World of Warcraft life, I have only been logging on during raid nights, to raid.... I haven't felt the need to log on any other time, which makes me sad because we used to play WoW a lot. Now it's basically for raid, or if something is going on in guild. I've just got wore out from running our guild and on my days off I don't want to deal with it. The past couple of weeks have been a nice break. We ended up cancelling our raid the Sunday and Monday that just passed, due to myself and our MT being sick. Sometimes it's good to take a step back.

We've also added two new members to our family, we ended up getting our daughter two Guinea Pigs. We understand that she is young, and a lot of parents would through a fit about it. She loves them though, and she's even started saying " Good Girl ", to them. They've grown on us as well. We ended up naming them Tinkerbell and Fawn from one of her favourite movies, Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast.

I've also started playing Rift.... not that much but just a bit when I get the time, it's a nice break from WoW as well. I'm hoping today they finally drop flying, that everyone has been waiting for. I haven't even achieved the pathfinder achievement yet, as the dates of it being released have kept changing. Plus when I work all the time I don't have time to grind out things like that or dailies anymore, like I used to, unfortunately.

I've rambled enough for today, it's a good start for a small update, so I hope everyone has a great day in the real world and Azeroth.... or whichever gaming worlds you enjoy :)

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