Friday, April 19, 2013

My almost daily routine.

I have a ton of thoughts bouncing around in my head, so I figured I'd do a post about my daily routine ( pretty much ), that I have with my little one.
6:00am- Little one is up and playing in her swing, so I take my 3 little dogs outside, and then go make a bottle.
6:30am- Change my little one, feed  her.
7:00am- Bouncy time ( By this I mean she sits in her bouncy seat for at least an hour or so while I bounce her. Otherwise she becomes a very cranky baby )
9:00am- Feed her and change her again, and she'll then go into her crib to talk to her mobile. :) ( I use this 30 minutes, to get a drink of water, check my e-mails and throw a load of laundry in the wash, as well as rinse out and sterilize her bottles.)
9:30am- She'll fall asleep in her bouncy chair or swing.
10:00am- She'll wake up and I'll read her a book ( she's 3 and a half months, so she laughs at the book and smiles ) I'll bath her if she's in a  good mood, and then we have a mini eating session ( 5 days ago we started her on baby cereal )
12pm- Give her a bottle, burp her, change her and she'll usually have another half hour or so nap. Today it's been raining a lot so she's been passed out for a while now )
2pm- More bouncy/ play in crib time, while I clean up a little bit and make something to eat.
3pm- Feed her, change her, she'll have another nap.
4:30-5pm- She'll have chatty time ( my husband or I will sit and talk with her... Although we always talk to her, lol we're trying to make her a chatterbox hehe. )
Up until about 6-7pm she'll be awake and playing with her toys or in her activity centre. 6:30-7pm I will make her a bottle, change her and feed her.
This is usually when she'll sleep for the night, until about 3 am.
Once she falls asleep I'll go and do the things I need to do, take out the garbage, shower, finish laundry, dishes, etc.
She's getting to be a pretty good sleeper during the night, and some nights she'll even sleep until 6am! I love those nights.

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