Thursday, April 25, 2013

Much needed family day out.

It's Thursday! One more sleep until my husband is home for the weekend. I can't wait. Tuesday night my sister ended up coming home for a couple of days. Yesterday My mom, sister and I ended up going to town for a while to have a girls day out with my LO and it was much needed family time. Especially since my LO has been fussy the last week or so ( we recently changed her formula from Nestle to Parent's Choice due to constipation. ) We ended up going out to Montana's for lunch. It was awesome. We started with the baked Spinach Dip for an appetizer, I had the Turkey Club sandwich with fries, my sister had Chicken Fingers and fries, and my mom ended up getting the Fish and Chips. My LO was fussy from the get-go. So we fed her, and then realized there was NO place to change her! No baby change station in the restrooms. Which I found odd because all other restaurants around her have them, why not the only one we decide to go to? So we put the baby change pad down on the bench of our booth and changed her there. She was happy after that, and sat in my sisters lap watching us eat. It's amazing how she's so curious about our food now.
After that we  continued on to the mall, my sister tried some new clothes, and then we ventured on to Toy's R US. Where we say the ridiculously priced baby toys. $50 for a singing dog ? Really?
Side Note: I was in a horrible mood at the beginning of the day, I was running off of 3 hours of sleep and didn't exactly want to go out.
Anyways, we then made a ( for my sister ritual stop ) at Starbuck's where she got us Frappuccino's. I ended up getting the Vanilla Bean one and my sister got the Green Tea one. Now I don't buy Starbuck's, especially when I'm on a budget. My sister thought it would help put me in a better mood so she got them. It kind of helped.... they are just so darn delicious!
After that we made a couple more stops then went home. My LO was fed, burped and changed, and fell asleep around 6:30pm.... wait for it............... she slept through the WHOLE night until 6am this morning! So needless to say I'm well rested and happy today. :) She's currently napping has been out for maybe half an hour. Happy baby= happy mommy!

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  1. It is a great feeling when your child sleeps through the night. I remember the days of feeling like a zombie. I sometimes have that 7 years later. I am happy that you got a good nights sleep and a much needed family time.