Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mini Mommy Breakdown

Ever have one of those days... or weeks, where everything that can go wrong will? Or one of those weeks where all the little things add up and lead to a boil over of emotions/ frustration? Yeah, that's what my week was like. Everything wasn't going horribly wrong, it was just a ton of little things added up, that sent me into my mini mommy meltdown.
It started off on Monday morning, I was checking my e-mails and having my morning coffee, while my little munchkin was playing with her toys and turtle walker. I finished all of my e-mails and then I realized that it had been very quiet for the past 10 minutes and not once had my daughter came up to me wanting to be picked up. What's that saying.. " whenever it gets quiet with a toddler, you know somethings up?".
I then felt a tiny tug at my shirt, and turned around to pick her up. I noticed a greasy feeling substance on my shirt and her hands, legs and in her hair. I go and look to see what she had gotten into and this is what I found.

She had gotten into the Vaseline that was on her change table. She'd never gotten into it before ( never shown an interest ) so I figured it was fine there. Monday showed me that in fact it's not a safe spot. I looked around and she had it on a bunch of her clothes, the floor, the garbage, her high chair legs and the bottom of the crib. So I scooped her back up and off to the bathroom we went. I figured that I'd conquer the mess after she was cleaned up.
After she was all clean, we continued to put a diaper and clothes on. I bent down to pick up some clothes off the floor that were covered in Vaseline and what does she start doing? Throwing diapers at me and giggling uncontrollably. It was funny and cute, until she took the basket that they were in and started waving it around, and caught me in the face with it.
All fun and games until someone gets hurt.
I put her in the crib and put all of her Vaseline covered clothes in the hamper, wiped everything off with wipes and towels and put the Vaseline up in the closet in what I think is a safe spot for now, that is.

Later that day, I made a small Starbuck's Mocha flavored coffee and while I was feeding her in the  high chair,  I was planning on drinking my coffee.  Ha! Not for this momma. While I was attempting to open a jar of baby food, she reached over, grabbed my coffee and whipped it to the floor.  I was less than pleased.
Around supper time, our little munchkin decided to take my water bottle, that she recently learned how to drink out of, and squirt it all over the floor. So when I went to sit down and play with her and her activity center I sat in a puddle of water, and was soaked. ( Better than slipping in it. )

Tuesday rolled around and our daughter who has been incredibly clingy since teething started, has amplified her clingy ways. I didn't think that was possible.... but it is. She now will not take naps unless I lay her in my arms. I attempt to put her in the crib or go do things that need to be done and she instantly pops an eye open and looks at me like " where do you think you're going momma?". If I don't go back and hold her, she cries until I do. It wouldn't be as frustrating as it is, if my husband didn't work away during the week. Which makes it hard for me to have any time for anything now a days. How do you tell a little one that though?

Wednesday and Thursday involved me trying to figure out Christmas gifts for her first Christmas, which is followed by her one year birthday a week later. I found a bunch of gifts that I want to get her. Split them up, half for Christmas and half for her birthday, and started doing the number crunching..... then started getting more frustrated.. " how are we going to pull this off?, and "I'm going back to work full- time so we can buy everything we need/ want for her." Which then brought up the "Daycare", blah, blah, blah. Friday was more of the same, until our little one wouldn't even give me 5 minutes to have a shower ( first one all week ) without crying hysterically. Oh yeah and did I mention that at night she refuses to sleep in the crib now. She falls asleep in my arms and as soon as I put her in the crib she wakes up and cries, and cries. I've tried the "cry it out" method... it doesn't work. She just gets to the point to where she is hyperventilating and makes me feel like a horrible mother. She's also been doing what we call the "Sleepy dance" at night; however she does it from 1-3 am too and then is up and ready to go at 5 am.
So all the little things piled up, and the trying to plan Christmas and her first birthday and the food and cake, and attempting to figure out how financially we can make it work..... I had my mini mommy breakdown. I just sat down and cried... for a good 45 minutes. ( Which reminds me I was lucky enough to get a copy of Mother of All Meltdowns ( from Mommifried ) to read and review, and that will be posted as soon as I get the time to finish reading it. The stories in that book make me feel better about my mini meltdown. )
After I got that out, I felt a bit better. When my husband got home at 930pm, I felt even better.
After this week, I realized that our little one is officially reaching toddler status... where did the time go? I'm not ready for her to be a toddler.
How do you guys make ends meet for holidays and birthdays? I'd love to know.

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