Friday, March 21, 2014

Lavazza Drip Coffee Review - BzzAgent

I'm happy to say that I'm a BzzAgent.It's a website that offers campaigns ( free products ) in exchange for reviews, and  media sharing. Here is the link to the website: BzzAgent .
I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Lavazza Drip Coffee Campaign, which was awesome because I love coffee.
I received the following in the kit :

  • A FREE 12 oz bag of Lavazza Gran Aroma Specialty Drip Coffee
  • A FREE 12 oz bag of Lavazza Gran Selezione Specialty Drip Coffee
  • A travel mug for you
  • $4-off coupons to share with other coffee drinkers
  • Lavazza magnets to pass along, too
  • An Italian Gestures Game for your Passion Party 
 I was beyond excited when I picked this up from the post office!

Lavazza is known as Italy's favourite coffee and they have been around since 1895. Click here  for Lavazza's history.
They come in a wide variety of blends/ flavours. The four that this campaign offered were the NEW specialty Drip Coffees:

  •  Gran Aroma -  A highly aromatic blend for the true coffee connoisseur. 
  • Classico -A rich and full-bodied flavour, bringing Italian Passion to your everyday ritual. 
  • Gran Selezione -A 100% fine Arabica, 100% sustainably grown blend. 
  • Perfetto -The ideal choice for those who love the pure pleasure of espresso roasts. 
Click here to see all the blends that they offer.

I received Gran Aroma, and Gran Selezione.

Gran Aroma is their mildest blend, and personally out of the two that I sampled, I LOVE the Gran Aroma.
It's not super strong, but it is full of flavour and doesn't leave any bad aftertaste that I find a lot of coffee's do.
I also noticed that it is so finely ground that it looks like cocoa powder, not huge grains like a lot of store bought coffees.

The Gran Selezione wasn't my favourite; however on their intensity scale it's a 5/5. It also says there are some chocolatey undertones, I didn't really taste any, but I have only brewed it once so far.
I prefer Lavazza coffee over our reguler ( Maxwell) by far.
Once I use up the two bags I received I will definitely be buying more. I'll probably buy another bag of Gran Aroma, and maybe try Classico instead of the Gran Selezione.( Selezione is for coffee drinkers who prefer a stronger, more intense coffee) It was good, just not for me.

 Lavazza's website also has some recipes on there, specifically a coffee cake recipe!
Overall, my experience with this brand was great, and they definitely have a new customer/fan of their product.
For info go to Lavazza's website.  I recommend this brand for any coffee lover out there.
Have you ever tried Lavazza? If so, what do you think about it?

*Disclaimer* I received this product complimentary through BzzAgent, and all opinions are my own.

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