Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where have I been?

I noticed that my last post was in January.... it was my giveaway post. Needless to say it's been a while since I've updated. Where have I been? I've been busy that past couple of months, between first and foremost, my family, work, and of course my guild/raid team.

So here are updates on everything.

Our daughter is two yrs and two months old. She spoke her first word at 6 months of age and continued babbling on since then. At the moment she speaks fluently in toddler gibberish, and says only few and select words clear as day. About 9 months ago our doctor suggested that we put her on the waiting list to see a speech therapist, because at that time of only being over a year, according to our doctor, our daughters vocabulary should have been more extensive. Now I understand that all doctors try to follow charts and  guidelines, and set out steps of milestones of what a baby,toddler, child should be doing at certain ages according to our government/ health care guides and what not.... that being said, I also know and strongly believe that each child is completely different and learn, reach milestones on their own time. However as it was a suggestion, we took our doctor up on it and got our daughter put onto the waiting list. Eight months later we got a call and set up an appointment to meet with the speech therapist.
The meeting went well, we thought and our daughter picked up on the therapist pretty fast, interacting with her and such. We went over how she isn't putting words into sentences, but she is very smart. She uses her hands and understands what we are telling her, she follows directions; however she gets frustrated when she can't effectively verbally communicate with us. Long story short the speech therapist told us it was okay and we could make her appointments bi-weekly, to try and get her talking more. The letter we got a week later said otherwise, it basically told us that she should be using at least 100 words and putting them into sentences, and suggested a hearing test, which we will have to get a referral from our doctor for, and drive two hours for it. ( She passed her last hearing test with flying colours and there were no worries) I guess they just want to rule it out as a possibility. Also that we need to enroll her in daycare or play groups..... if the therapist had of been listening to us then she would know that we take our daughter to play group every Wednesday and Friday, which she absolutely loves! Found out that her appointments are weekly now too. I would have been fine with this if we were told up front and when we were there, it just frustrated me that we were told one thing, and then the letter said something completely different.  However with that being said, we are taking her to her appointments, as it is to help her, and this way if there are any problems we can catch them. Better safe, than sorry...right?

We've also just gotten over the lovely Norovirus ( Norwalk Virus ) that I unknowingly brought home from work. ( Joys of working in healthcare ). So the last week, we've all just kind of been getting over it, and slowly getting back into our daily routines.

In World of Warcraft, myself and my fellow officers/guildies have been trying to get our raid team back together, and finally getting back to normalcy, within our guild. We've pretty much switched our raid team up and are trying to get a good rhythm going with everyone. I can't believe that this expansion we're having a hard time finding reliable and decent DPS!? Who would have thought?
Also, speaking of WoW, I have to say, when I heard about the new Game Tokens that will be implemented, I personally am excited for this. For the simple reason of, people who have a hard time buying game time due to cut backs or budgets, etc this will give them a chance at keeping their game time up,.... as long as they have gold in game lol. Thoughts on the WoW Token?
Here's the most recent link about the  WoW Token, I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about this. Let's discuss. :)

I hope everyone is having a great week!

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