Friday, July 12, 2013

June Bluum Box- 6 month old Review

This is our second month for receiving  the Bluum Baby box. It's a box filled with things for your baby, they are gender specific and it goes by the age of your baby.
Our June box was for our 6 month old baby girl.
The theme was Tiny Chompers!

This box was perfect timing, since our little one is teething, and those stubborn teeth still haven't made their grand appearance yet.

 The first item I pulled out is the Siliconies bracelet from Family Bedrock. 
It's a teething bracelet for our little one, we wear it and she sucks on it. Which will come in handy for outings. We also received a 20% coupon to use on their website.

The next thing was this high contrast book Hello Baby
It is full of black and white designs for baby, plus has the teething rattle ears at the top. Our daughter LOVES this book. She chews it like crazy. 

These are baby sunglasses, by Kidz Banz. I like the idea of them, because they have a band that goes around our little ones head, it's adjustable and is soft. Very interested to try these out, since all other sun glasses she pulls off her face.

 Not sure how much use we'll have for this, but it's practical. The Dreambaby Bath Tub Thermometer.
It's good to have, but honestly we go by feeling the temperature of the water for bath time now.
This I LOVE. Weleda baby Calendula Diaper Care for diaper rash.
It's natural and smells minty. It's amazing, we will definitely be buying more of it. I have never tried this product until we received it and honestly I've never even heard of this brand before.

 Next is the Camilia Teething Relief.
So far we haven't tried any teething gels for her teething, we've only been using baby Tylenol and Gripe Water. These are homeopathic and come in single doses, which I really like.
We haven't tried this yet, but will when we can. I wasn't aware of homeopathic teething remedies.
Guess I should have done my research.
The last thing in the box was this book. Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina.
Before now I've never heard of this author or book for that matter. My husband and I both read A lot though, so this is perfect. It's full of some pretty interesting things, and what I love about it so far, is he gives examples of most situations.

We were happy with our June box of Bluum for our little munchkin. We anxiously away our July box.

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