Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Beauty Box 5 Review

I signed up for Beauty Box 5 at the end of April. So far I haven't really liked the boxes. They come with some pretty decent things, but this subscription just is not for me. I was not impressed with the May box, not only was the box late, the contents didn't WOW me. Unfortunately this month didn't WOW me, and I don't like receiving self tanning stuff or body bronzer.... just isn't my thing. I unsubscribed as I'm just not happy with the boxes. Anyways, what isn't for one person may be for another. This subscription just isn't for me.
The people who are interested in this subscription... read on!

The Box:  Beauty Box 5

The Cost: $12 a month (or $10 a month with a 3-month subscription)

The Products: 4-5 full size and sample size beauty products.
Every box includes these cards, with descriptions of products, and prices. They also include the coupons for each product to use on their website.
Coolway Cool Cleanse Shampoo and Cool Hydrate Conditioner
Retail: $25.00 8.6 oz.
I'm excited to try these out, as I usually have one or two hair products open at all times in the shower. I wasn't very impressed with the Coolway Transform Styling Spray from May's box ( It made my hair feel super greasy and I only used the recommended sprays); however I'm willing to give it a second chance. It smells good so far.
Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer
Retail: $49.00 6fl oz
(I got two packets in this box)
I'm a red head, I don't tan, I don't use self tanning products either. I personally just don't like them. I don't like using body bronzer either, so I was disappointed to see these in this month's box. ( May box had self tan wipes )
I have to say I honestly won't use these. Probably going to give them away.
Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Facial
Retail: $18.00 4 oz
This product I'm actually really excited for, I have sensitive skin so finding natural products is always a bonus for me. If I like this I will most definitely buy the full size version of it.

The last item in June's box was the Minxxette Brush Hanger
Retail: $4.69 Small
I think that this is a very cute idea and great for organization of makeup brushes.

This subscription isn't for me. However it is affordable and sometimes they have interesting things. If they come out with some products that interest me I may just sign back up for the subscription.
Do you have Beauty Box 5? Opinions on it? What did you think of June's box?

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