Friday, July 19, 2013

Best feeling ever......

I think is that moment your baby wraps their tiny hands around your finger. I realized this months ago, but I never truly thought about it until this week.
I'm a first time mom, everything is new to me, and honestly I'm terrified of messing up. Lately I've been having some down days, when everything seems to pile up, or be too overwhelming, then I look at our daughter and her smile brightens the whole day for me. She lights up and I light up.
She's 6 months old, and sitting on her own and trying to crawl. I look at her and think " They are right, they really do grow up fast, I wish she could stay this size for just a while longer."
This really hit me the other day when I went out to do my weekly grocery/errands, I had my mom watch her for the couple of hours that I was out. I came home and as soon as she heard my voice, she turned herself around in her jolly jumper, got the biggest smile on her adorable little face and started laughing excitedly, all while reaching up for me.... can I just say, I almost burst into tears. I can't begin to describe the feeling of joy that overcame me. Just knowing that our daughter is happy to have me home.
( I think my worrying started when I wasn't able to continue breastfeeding ( I wasn't producing enough), I felt that our bond would become weaker. :/ ) I'm a first time mom, I didn't say all of my thoughts would be logical.
She also has been snuggling into my chest when she meets someone new, and I've been reading in a book I received this month that, our children do that because we are their "safe place". It's an odd but wonderful feeling to know that I'm my daughters "safe place". She's the same way with my husband ( her father ), big time daddy's girl ( her first word was DADDA ), everyone says he's wrapped around her finger already.
I guess this week I just kind of realized that being a parent is an AMAZING feeling. Knowing that our little girl wants us to comfort her when she needs it.
Recently she's been waking up at night, she doesn't want a bottle or anything, she just wants one of us to hold her and rock her back to sleep.
She never ceases to amaze me, and she melts my heart over and over again with all the new things she's doing and learning. Sometimes it's still hard to believe that I'm a mom and wife.
Best feeling ever.

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  1. Being a new mom is the best feeling ever. Reading your post reminded my of all those same feelings I used to have.