Monday, August 26, 2013

Almost 8 month update.

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              Next week, our little one is 8 months old. I can't believe how big she is getting. I haven't updated in a while, so I figured that I would do an update on our munchkin's routine, milestones, etc.

Routine: Our day usually starts around 4:30-5am. She will play in her excer saucer for about an hour, while I check e-mails.
Around 6-8am, she'll have a bottle and some baby cereal, then play in her jumper roo for a while.
On days it's nice out ( not too hot ) I'll take her for a half hour walk in her stroller. ( she loves going for rides), if it's humid and muggy outside, we'll go outside and she'll sit in her swing, while I attempt some homework.
When she starts getting ready for her nap, usually sometime around 11am I'll feed her a bottle and she will usually have it in her bouncy chair.
During this time I'll make my breakfast/lunch.
The rest of the afternoon, consists of us doing what she is interested in.
I'll read to her, she'll scoot around in her walker, tearing up the room lol.
She is also starting to enjoy playing in her crib for a while, which I am not complaining about. I use that time to clean up a bit.
She will usually go down for the night between 5-7pm.

Height/ Weight: Her last doctor's appointment, she was in the 95th percentile for height. She's tall! Her weight was 17.5 lbs, that was about a month ago. I'd say she's easily 19/20 lbs now. She's growing so darn fast.

Sizes: For onsies, she is fitting in sizes 6-9 months. Sleepers are 12 months size ( she's long ).

Sleeping: She still isn't sleeping through the night. She'll wake up maybe 2-3 times throughout. I think lately her teeth have been bothering her. ( still doesn't have any, but they are right there! ) I'll change her and she'll drink a 250ml bottle, then go right back to sleep.

Eating: She'll still have about 5-7 bottles a day. She eats baby cereal twice a day and baby food in the morning and afternoon. Foods she's eating are :Bananas, Applesauce, Strawberries, Rice, Oatmeal and Oatmeal/ Banana cereal, Peas, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans ( however she isn't a fan of them ), regular bananas, and we have the pouches of baby food to try this week. She's also becoming more interested in regular food. We are excited to start that.

- She is sitting up on her own now.
- Saying the words "dadda, bubba and doo doo"
- Just yesterday she stood on her own in her crib. She hasn't stopped since. :) She's soon going to be walking, she gets so frustrated when she isn't mobile.
- She pulls movies and books off of shelves and will play with them for a long time.
- She let's us know when she wants food and not a bottle.
- She loves scooting around in her walker, and will follow us around, with a big smile on her face.
- Still no teeth, however they are right there! We can see them, they just need to pop through.

She is growing so fast, and it's hard to believe that in a week she will be 8 months old. :( Where does the time go?


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